Saturday, February 21, 2009

This week has been much better. The kids were out of school three out of the five days. We had teacher conferences on Thursday and they all went well. Everyone is progressing well. All the teachers said they were amazed with their progress in the last few months. Jaryd still has a little ways to go on his reading, but he is on level with some of the kids that have been here all their life.
We went to the zoo yesterday. Some of the pictures did not come out too well. I am going to post a few of them. A couple of the pictures are from last Sunday afternoon. The kids were playing outside and Kailyn came out with the doll dress on her head. I just had to laugh.

We have more doctor's appointments this week. Hopefully we will get some help for the hyperactivity.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Here is Alyssa's birthday party set up.

Jaryd in the trampoline

Watching Alyssa with her presents.
The Princess unwrapping Nana's present
Kailyn's new do. We finally had to for go the long hair for awhile. We cut her hair into a little bob and it seems much more manageablefor now. Of course, it requires a lot more work on mom's part in the mornings. It needs to be blow dried with a round brush. Oh well. It is much better looking all day than it was before. I think after it thickens it will work to let it grow out.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A few new notes

I know everyone has been watching for some new updates. Things have been a little rough around our house. We seem to have hit the 41/2 month troubles.

Jaryd is doing beautifully. In fact, his ADHD seems to be doing so much better. He has been spending a lot of time with Kevin in the wood shop. They are working on organizing things so they can build something. He seems to just thrive on being with Kevin. Jaryd has started his dental work. He had three teeth pulled on Monday. He will have two more appointments in the next couple of weeks. He needs two crowns and two root canals and two more teeth pullled. Poor guy. He is going to have to do without quite a few teeth for a couple of years. But the other ones were rotten. Jaryd has grown 1 1/2" too. He has not gained any more weight since we got home. The doctor was a little worried, but he is eating well so he thinks it just might be metabolism.

Kailyn is going to school every day and is also doing well. She has grown about an inch but hasn't gained but up to about 21 pounds now. We are about to come to the conclusion that she has such a fast metabolism from the ADHD that she just burns off all the calories. Today was supposed to have been an appointment for Jaryd and her, but the doctor had a death in the family. We will try to see her again on the 26th. We are still looking into other reasons that she hasn't grown.

Jacob on the other hand has started his full fledged assault against us. Yes, that sweet little boy is becoming quite the handful. He has started destroying all the other children's toys. He has gone so far as to let Kailyn be punished for his actions. He doesn't care. He will lie just to keep himself out of trouble. We are going to also have him tested for ADD. He is not hyper. He will tear up a book of Jaryd's if he gets upset with him. He has also grown about 1 1/2 inches. His weight has increased by only a couple of pounds.

Alyssa has had a few bad days. She is following some of Jacob's behavior. All of this is to be expected. We will work through all of this. We just keep remembering that God gave us these wonderful children and we have to be patient.

We went swimming on Saturday. That was Jacob and Kailyn's first time. They seemed to enjoy it. Jacob wasn't as thrilled and everyone else. He is still a little "BIOUSA" (scared). Kailyn was quite the little fish before we left. Jaryd and Alyssa were already swimming everywhere.

After swimming we went to the Bull Riding. That was a lot of fun. Jacob was not enthused. He went to sleep. Alyssa also went to sleep. Kailyn and Jaryd were going strong the whole time. Kailyn got a little nap right before the event so she was rested. It was quite late when we got home. Way past everyone's bed time.

Hope this catches you all up for a little while. I will try to be more vigilant in my posting. I know I owe you some pictures for Alyssa's birthday.

Oh yeah! My elbow is doing wonderful. Therapy is going well. \