Monday, March 28, 2011

Back again

Okay adoption bloggers we are back open again. Please read to see what has been going on in our family for the last year and a half. Life has been definately changed for us. I will start updating about the other kids very soon. We can use all the help we can get to help make a loud noise to get Shohn out. Tammy

Saturday, December 12, 2009

First tooth gone

Jacob lost his first tooth on Wednesday. It has been loose for about a month. We could not get him to play with it enough to get it out. He was afraid of the pain. Well Wednesday afternoon he bit into an apple and low and behold the tooth was ready to be pulled out. No crying no pain just out it came. He is ready for the next one to be loose now. The tooth fairy visited and made his day.

We had snow twice last week. Just thought you would like to see a picture of the full moon with the snow behind it on the mountain. We don't have this kind of scene very often here. I saw this on the way to praise band. It was much prettier when you get past the trees. This was the view from out our side door.
Have a blessed week in God's grace.
PS We have sitters today to finish up that Christmas shopping. WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nativities and Snow Days

Shirley and the kids painted an American Indian Nativity Scene on Sunday afternoon. They all really enjoyed painting them. Here are some pictures that show the process. Shirley finished them on Monday and bronzed them. They are just beautiful. I need to take a picture of the finished product and download it. Sorry I don't have that today.

Here are some pictures of our December 1st snow storm. The kids didn't go to school until two hours late this morning, so I let them play in the snow before school. I knew that the snow would be gone this afternoon. I was right it is gone. They had a great time.

Dad watches over the snowman building.

Alyssa makes a huge snow ball.

Jaryd carries the snowman's head.

Some of the property

Kailyn and Jacob throwing snow balls.

Alyssa is chasing Jacob with a snow ball.

Kailyn just got hit with a snow ball. She is not
a happy camper. She was through.

Alyssa and Jacob starting to play. Burt watches
over them.

The snow man.

Have a blessed week.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jacob 's Birthday

Okay so I am a bad mom blogger. I am just now getting around to getting Jacob's birthday pictures posted. Sorry for the delay. He had a wonderful day. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with all the kids home and my dad is coming. We also have our beloved friend Shirley living with us now. What a blessing she is to our family.

The Birthday boy

Buzz Lightyear cake

The Party Crew

More Pizza
A little miniature Golf with the Crew
We are working on changing Kailyn's medicine again. She is seemingly doing a little better on this dosage. She was using all of her time released medicine up in the morning. So we are doing short acting three times a day. Seems a little better.
Alyssa is doing well.
Jaryd is counting down the days until his birthday. He can't wait.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
The Huckabee's

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here is a picture of the kids the day before we went to the zoo for the Halloween party. That was fun. We spent Halloween at the UTEP football game and then on to the church for our annual Light Shine Trunk or Treat. We celebrated Kevin's birthday on Sunday evening with steaks and a German Chocolate cake. The kids seemed to enjoy all of them.
Everyone is doing well. Kailyn and I are home tonight from church because she is running a low grade fever. Can't be to careful. Don't want to infect anyone. I do think that she has a UTI. So we will probably see the doctor tomorrow for some more antibiotics. I have scheduled an appointment with the Urologist for her, but they can't see her until December 29th. Wow! It is so hard to get in to the specialists. I am going to see if the Pediatrician can get us anything sooner.
Have a blessed week. Talk to you guys again soon. Watch out for the Flu.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Exiciting and Emotional

We have been very busy since my last post. We spent a week in Pagosa Springs, CO for the kids fall break. The colors of fall were just beautiful there. We took the train from Durango to Silverton. Of which Jaryd said that was the most boring thing he had done. Makes me not want to plan any more vacations. So needless to say we were a little frustrated with the whole trip. The condo was beautiful and we were right on the lake. The kids got to experience fishing for the first time. Dad had a great time teaching them the ropes. They could have just spent time fishing. They didn't care if we did anything else.

Kailyn ended up in the emergency room on Monday morning in Pagosa. She was running a fever and had a cough that sounded like croup. After about an hour the doctor said it was just viral, continue what I was doing and sent us home. She improved every day after that. I was afraid that she would go into pnuemonia, so that is why that I went to the ER. Better safe than sorry.

Reports card came out this week and we were very pleased with all the results. Everyone seems to be doing really well in school. Alyssa had two weeks off for fall break, so she was home again this week. We had some good alone time with her. Although she really like to have her siblings around. She is definately happy about their prescence.

We have been fighting a battle with Kailyn on her eating. We decided on Monday after days of mom crying that we were going to just let her eat what she wants. No more focusing on the closing of her mouth and continual badgering to eat. So that was the plan on Monday. Well Tuesday morning she got up in her little funk that she has. She has a lot of crankiness and then she starts vomiting and has diarehea. The doctor seems to think that she has some kind of insulin problem when she starts this. So the day of not making her eat caused her to bottom out the next morning. So that didn't seem to work. We have decided that we are just going to give her the amount of food on her plate that she should eat and then she will have to sit there until it is gone. No prodding just a gentle reminder before she gets up that she will have to clean her plate. We can't have her bottoming out on her sugar. Thursday night she actually finished her food before Jacob. So maybe we are making some progress. I have to say I have to have some relief. I cannot live having such a battle at every meal. One year of this has taken it's toll on mom. So pray that things will continue to get better. She is having a power struggle with us, and we have to stand firm.

Nana gave Kevin and I a day off yesterday. She kept the girls and then picked up the boys when they got out of school. Kevin and I went to lunch at PeiWei, then to the phone store to get my phone fixed, then to the nail salon for nails and a pedicure, and then to the movies to see Couples Retreat. What an awesome renewal day. Boy did we need it. Kevin even got a pedicure and did some shopping at Sears tool department. His favorite thing to do.

Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Teaching them how to cast.

Fishing for Jaryd, Jacob, and Alyssa
Not Kailyn's thing.

Stringer of Fish for our Fishermen and Women

Our bored train riders

A view from the train ride.

Notice the Rainbow

View from our Balcony

Our Condo

Have a blessed week. We will be busy as we have Halloween and Kevin's birthday on the same day.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kailyn celebrated her 4th birthday last Saturday. I have been so busy this week that I didn't get to post anything since. Here are some pictures from last year's birthday and this year's birthday. What a wonderful change she has made.
It is hard sometimes to see the change day to day, but this is an amazing change. Now that we seem to have all the infections cleared up in her body, we hope that she will start to gain. We would really like for her to get a little weight on before we give her the growth hormones. I am afraid if she goes up any she will really look like a bean pole. I have spent the last week remaking all her pants so that she can keep them up. It wasn't so bad this summer, I could guy six month shorts and they were okay because they were shorts, but that won't work with pants. She looks like she has on high waters if I don't get her 2T. But, they are so big in the waist. So we are now ready for winter. I hope that the pants that I fixed don't last long. That will mean that she is gaining some weight.
All the rest of us seem to be doing well. Will post more later.