Saturday, December 12, 2009

First tooth gone

Jacob lost his first tooth on Wednesday. It has been loose for about a month. We could not get him to play with it enough to get it out. He was afraid of the pain. Well Wednesday afternoon he bit into an apple and low and behold the tooth was ready to be pulled out. No crying no pain just out it came. He is ready for the next one to be loose now. The tooth fairy visited and made his day.

We had snow twice last week. Just thought you would like to see a picture of the full moon with the snow behind it on the mountain. We don't have this kind of scene very often here. I saw this on the way to praise band. It was much prettier when you get past the trees. This was the view from out our side door.
Have a blessed week in God's grace.
PS We have sitters today to finish up that Christmas shopping. WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nativities and Snow Days

Shirley and the kids painted an American Indian Nativity Scene on Sunday afternoon. They all really enjoyed painting them. Here are some pictures that show the process. Shirley finished them on Monday and bronzed them. They are just beautiful. I need to take a picture of the finished product and download it. Sorry I don't have that today.

Here are some pictures of our December 1st snow storm. The kids didn't go to school until two hours late this morning, so I let them play in the snow before school. I knew that the snow would be gone this afternoon. I was right it is gone. They had a great time.

Dad watches over the snowman building.

Alyssa makes a huge snow ball.

Jaryd carries the snowman's head.

Some of the property

Kailyn and Jacob throwing snow balls.

Alyssa is chasing Jacob with a snow ball.

Kailyn just got hit with a snow ball. She is not
a happy camper. She was through.

Alyssa and Jacob starting to play. Burt watches
over them.

The snow man.

Have a blessed week.