Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Positive Results

We got a call from the doctor last night and Kailyn does have Turner's Syndrome. So now we will start the treatment for growth Hormones. She will not need anything else for about 8 more years. We will also have an ecocardiogram on Kailyn. Turner's Syndrome patients tend to have heart problems.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Little more news

I haven't posted in awhile. Just can't seem to sit long enough to think about posting.

We had teacher conferences this week and he is doing wonderfully in school. Last year I was the spelling natzi. We would practice words all the way to school every morning. He didn't seem to want to let me do that this year, so I told him that if he made good grades on his spelling test that I would leave him alone. Well, since the beginning of the year we haven't seen any spelling tests. So when I visited with his teacher this week I asked how he was doing. He has all 100 and only on 93. So I told him as along as he continued to do this well on his own, I would allow him to continue his method of studying. Pretty good for a kid who didn't speak any English a year ago. He is also doing really well in all of his classes. He is a math whiz. He is healthy and continuing to do well on his medication. We have those morning with pre-medication and the late evenings that tend to give us all a headache. But, we are trying to teach him to manage these times by himself.

He had his eye surgery and did really well. They did over medicate him with anesthesia and we had a rough day until that was out of his system. But, the surgery went perfectly. He is doing well in school. I don't think he is quite where he should be so we are going to do tutoring after school two days a week. We will see how this goes. If he doesn't make any progress we will take him out and try some private tutoring. That seemed to work the best to get Jaryd off on the right foot. Jacob has been diagnosed with Asperger's. So we are learning all of the ins and outs of that. I dont' remember if I have posted about this before or not. It is a little hard to remember what you have done when you have four running around. He only has a mild case of Asperger's and is managing very well.

She is loving school. We also had a teacher's conference with her teacher. The teacher said her only complaint about Alyssa is that she is too sweet. It seems as if one of the little boys has been picking on everyone and Alyssa is too kind to tell her to leave her alone. The teacher said she needed to be a little more stern with him. So I have given her permission to tell him not to touch her. He seem to want to touch everyone all day. They administered a test at the beginning of the year to see where she was. On some of the tests she seemed to be at the 10 year old level. I am not surprised. She has been grown up since she was 1.

We have had a few more ups and downs with her. She was diagnosed last week with H Pylori. That is the infection in the stomach that causes Ulcers. We are doing the two week treatment and that seem to be clearing up. They said she had had it for a long time. The only way to find this out is with the biopsy. So that is what the results of the biopsy were. Then we took her to the Pediatric Endocrinologist later that week. He thinks, no a definite diagnosis yet, that she has Turner's Syndrome ( You can click on the pink link and read about the diagnosis. We will know more in a few weeks when the results of the DNA testing comes back. If so she will have quite a long road to hoe over the next few years. But, with any luck she can begin to grow with the help of some Growth Hormones. We do not see this as a setback, but as a way to help her move on with her life. Hopefully after the H Pylori is dead in her body we can get her to gain some weight. She is also doing well in school. Her teacher said she has changed greatly since last year.

We have had a great year. Can't believe that next weekend will be one year home. We will try to post more later. Have a great week.